Getting Unstuck

Programme booking Unleash your ability to be get what you want and become an unstoppable force, in 13 days. Have you ever wanted to change? Be someone different, different career,  job, promotion, better health, improved body, better relationship, but in some way it escapes you?Can’t seem to move forward no matter what you try? Have you […]

Become an Energy Ninja

View event dates Programme booking In this programme….. Learn how we get stuck in patterns, and how to eliminate them Mastering communication and relationships Tapping into and getting clear answers from our intuition Become super present in the body and how this changes our entire life Powerful tools for Energizing and clearing the body with […]

Nice or not nice communication

View event dates Book a session We learn in our early childhood to receive love and acceptance only if we are nice all the time or agreeable. Sadly this pattern also comes with the flipside, getting very angry and cutting when it gets too much or failing to see the opportunity that another brings us […]

Overcoming the need to fix others

View event dates Book a session We respond to the lack of unconditional love in the family dynamic by wanting to make everything ok. We want to be liked and to please others to avoid controversy. We learn as a small child it is safe to fix others problems and difficulties and we carry this […]

Being a Great Boundry Setter Group Session

view event dates Book a session Setting boundaries can be one of the most challenging aspects of being Human. Something that 99% of all humans were not taught as they were growing up. We may have been taught no or had no boundaries, so it can feel alien. What is a boundary, how do I […]

Energy clearing

View event dates Book programme Self Clearing level – Clearing negative Energy Deeply for self We are physical and energetic beings. From a physical perspective, we have many systems that carry information or fluid through our body, like our circulatory system, lymph system, our nervous system, as an example. Our energy system is the same, […]

Shedding excess weight

View event dates Book a session Shedding excess weight – content belowThrough 4 Group Repatterning / mini Coaching sessions of 90 minutes each over 4 weeks. In order to shed excess weight on the outside, we need to focus on shedding the excess weight on the inside. What is excess weight on the inside We […]

Body Talk

Book a session Have you ever wondered how the superhuman among us – the Barack Obamas, the Oprah Winfreys – manage to appear so gleaming, so lucid, so centred apparently all the time? Don’t they ever have an off day? Obama, shares a little secret with Oprah. They are reportedly both fans of “BodyTalk”, the alternative […]