transformational coaching


Transformational Coaching has evolved as a more complete approach to coaching, shifting from a simple performance-focused tool that has been traditionally used to one of a holistic humanistic and psychological focus. This process focuses on the whole person and not what is just noticeable on the surface. It is a reflective coaching approach that explores a client’s beliefs, cognitive, emotional, sensory and relational patterns amongst others in order to create a more complete understanding of their perspective on the world.

Through this awareness, there is much higher potential for clients to unlock greater transformative shifts, break down the negative beliefs, patterns and/ or programmes that may have held them back and open up a doorway and a path to outcomes or changes of the true transformation that they genuinely desire in their lives.

All transformation is change, but not all change is transformation.

We may make changes all the time on the surface and set up an intentional course of action to perhaps how we think, feel and act and in that we have likely changed, but have we actually transformed?

We end up where we are meant to be – and all we have to do is spread our wings and soar, we will find our greatest selves on the journey, when we look back we will look back in gratitude, of becoming who we are meant to be” are you spreading your wings and soaring and becoming who you were always meant to be.

what is transformational coaching?

A Transformational Coach provides individuals with a direct, lived experience of the reality they have created in order to empower them to shift their current paradigm to make way for what is desired.

A coach is an expert empowering people and organizations at strengthening commitments to their Vision. From these commitments come actions that produce powerful results. A transformational coach adds a unique dimension to coaching in that they are masterful at assisting you in revealing the very core interpretations and beliefs that support each and every aspect of your life remaining unfulfilled.

Coaching in general, is results oriented, and requires clients to practice being accountable for what occurs in their lives. Transformational Coaching empowers the shift in interpretations, which no longer serve and also  empowers a practice of new ways of being that align with desires in order to reach the highest potential. It is transformational in nature because it focuses on the states of being that generate actions, which either move the client closer to the desired outcomes or further away. Shifting how an individual is being, rather than what is being done, will create transformation, because the way the client is being is transferable to every other aspect of her life. The client transforms their perspective, shifting their paradigm to include more, which allows an expanded repertoire of possibilities to exist.

The intent of transformational coaching is to get to essence, to the heart of the matter, to explore the ground of being. This is a space of light and shadow, of fear and joy, of limitations and grand possibilities. All coaching approaches foster self-awareness, but transformational coaching goes beyond that—it enables a person to attend to the structures which underlie their sense of who they believe they are and then, through exploration achieve who they desire to be.

Are you ready to take a journey of change and realize the healthy life and potential you have always wanted?