true transformation

defining transformation

Transformation is, by definition, a thorough or dramatic change in form or character—a metamorphosis, of sorts. 

Although we change all the time, we certainly do not transform all the time. The grand cycle of life and death offers to each of us the greatest transformational experience possible, yet within a person’s lifetime true transformation is a relatively rare occurrence. 

Think back for a moment across the span of your life and identify how many times you can honestly say you ‘transformed,’ in that you went through a period of thorough or dramatic change in form or character—a metamorphosis on an external or internal level. 

My guess is you can count them on one hand. These are instances of ‘human transformation,’ and it’s helpful to clarify what we mean by that because the meaning influences how we define transformational coaching.

In simple terms, transformational coaching is focused on enabling self-actualization. Far more than ‘options-strategy-action’ to attain goals or clarity or to get better at something, transformational coaching dives deep into an individual’s psyche, focusing on who that person is and desires to become. Transformational coaching is therefore an ontological approach because it is about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing.’

Transactional coaching rests on the premise that a person will uncover what they need to and move forward in meaningful ways based on their existing way of being. In other words, nothing need be explored nor shifted at the level of being in order for desired outcomes to be achieved. Transformational coaching, on the other hand, rests on the premise that an expanded or shifted way of being—and the higher-order thoughts, perceptions, and energies available therein—is necessary to uncover what is needed.

People will still bring their personal goals, objectives, and high dreams to the table in transformational coaching conversations; however, The driving question is Who do I need to be in order for my goals or dreams to become a reality? The ‘becoming’ process is the transformational path, and the end game is a higher than realized levels of life or existence.

To facilitate this process, a transformational coach supports people to dive below the surface and immerse themselves in self-exploration, to examine their beliefs, images, and interpretations about who they are and their purpose and place in this world—it is all of these which give rise to their existing way of being, and examining them sheds light on why people experience life as they do.

Transactional coaching reaches its limits in relation to transformation, because an intellect-based approach is never the vehicle for healing limiting beliefs, which is what it means to release those mental and emotional bonds and beliefs and to live an experience of self-actualization. What is needed is a sustainable shift at the level of being, which requires a transformational approach.

The client requires the willingness to face their fears in order to become free of patterns of thought and emotion that have held them captive for a lifetime.

Change then happens at the core level of mind, within the person’s internal operating system, and when the person grows significantly at this level it creates the impetus for equally significant shifts in their behaviors, choices, and emotions.

Over time, real transformation occurs, and the necessary thoughts, attitudes, and actions which function to bring envisioned goals into existence will arise organically, as an expression of the fulfillment of their higher nature.

innate potential to fly

The process of transformation and meaningful change begins the moment you realize that you have within you a deep well of wisdom and inner knowing that is forever wanting to be expressed through you.

Most of us, however we live our lives from the outside in, get stuck in repetitive and looping ways of thinking, feeling, believing and relating to the world. We lack the tools and know-how to develop healthy, loving and nourishing relationships with ourselves, with others, and know how to meet our needs. 

As a consequence, a vast amount of time and energy is expended trying to manipulate and change the outer circumstances of our lives, without fully realizing or interrogating the true power within.

Imagine the change that can take place when matching the outer action and the inner power and both of these are in alignment working like well oiled machinery

A transformational approach involves a gearshift in focus to a way being that acknowledges and appreciates who you are at your absolute core, it is geared to a deeper level of change  and creates space to see yourself , others and the world differently and grow into who you are meant to become. 

This deep level of change that happens on the inside often leads to a shift in your outer world and shows up in health, relationships, purpose, meaning, career etc. It is ultimately the true journey of transformation.

Creating deliberate transformation

For many of us, there comes a time when we are being called to grow and change. Transformation can be slow and painful and often sadly is the catalyst after some kind of traumatic incident. The ideal is to create deliberate transformation and don’t wait for suffering, before you take the action

The process involves a transformation that represents a shift in a way of being, from living our lives based on our conditioned, programmed self (small self) to the higher needs of our authentic self.

The process of human transformation is similar to the transformation of a caterpillar to  butterfly.

Shedding our small self feels difficult, as the transformation commences, we experience resistance and fear our small self wants to keep us safe and in our comfort zone. As the process unfolds the old self or way of being falls away and creates space for something new that emerges. 

While on the outside we may look the same, on the inside a radical transformation is occurring. Transformation can be a lonely process and having a Transformation Coach to walk along this path is powerful & supportive.