What I do

Having experienced a number of life threatening traumas, Suzanne built a successful corporate business, which has been recognized multiple times as a Best Companies to Work for, Top 300 companies and One of the Most Promising Companies

Underneath all this success was the pain of these traumas, which began to dramatically affect her health, this progressively moved Suzanne’s attention to how to heal in her journey which ultimately culminated in many years of learning and experiencing. After a 20 year history of running a corporate business, Suzanne found herself shifting her focus to her passion of human performance and transformation which resulted in the launch of The Ravenall Institute©

She has spent much of these 20 years investigating and exploring why some people change and others don’t, the key causes and the ingredients to personal change and transformation particularly when undergoing trauma, as well as the practices, and tools to make this change along with alternative and complimentary methods of healing. She not only uses these experiences to fuel her journey but also has dedicated her life to helping others take command of their own journey in effective powerful and positive ways as well as shifting their resonance to create a better expansive, happier and more abundant life.

Suzanne now travels and shares these experiences, and  through key note speaking, one on one sessions, teaching through a variety of programmes with people all over the world, both in businesses and individual audiences alike she helps others not only replicate super performance but heal & transform from the inside out . She also helps others learn these skills to create their own business to help transform others as well as being an international mediator.

“Through a comfortable, authentic and safe environment Suzanne helps people tap into their innate potential, transend their challenges, step into their power, realize their “inner enoughness” and turn the innate key to inner mastery which leverages their inner greatness and creates a better life for those that are courageous enough to try”

Everything in your life can be taken to the exponential with time and effort and you won’t discover it if you don’t try it. Think exponentially not incrementally.

The better we know ourselves the better equipped we are to deal with the world.

Most powerful agent of change