Rapid repatterning©


Are you frustrated that you seem to keep banging up against the same patterns over and over again? Through this combination approach you can make rapid transformation.

We think 60-70,000 thoughts in one day and 90 percent, based on underlying memorized beliefs and programmes. And these are the same thoughts as the day before, these very same thoughts lead to the very same choices, these very same choices lead to the same behaviours and the very same experiences, and all of these choices, behaviours and experience invoke emotions, and hence your experiencing the same emotions and the same feelings as the day before. These very same feelings and emotions drive the exact same thoughts, behaviours and actions. And so the cycle begins again.   If these choices, experiences and thoughts are helpful as opposed to harmful you can create and manifest what you want in your life = great – however if these are harmful then its like ground hog day feeling a little like you have your finger on the rewind and playback button and ultimately this leads to failure, unhappiness, exhaustion and in many cases disease.

These subconscious patterns interfere trip us up and prevent our ability to have the happiness, abundance, performance and fulfillment in work, relationships, and health that we desire. Many of these patterns are not yet in the conscious awareness, yet they have a major impact on our overall life.

All you need is a willingness to change and take action!

© Rapid Repatterning Ravenall Institute Method

  • The process is a combination of Repatterning, Hypnotherapy & Coaching.
  • You will be asked to complete questionnaire to help understand your history & current challenges
  • Depending on the plan that we put together this may include a set of assessments and perhaps hypnosis sessions to cement the new way of being..
  • You will be coached throughout the process to understand the underlying patterns, so that you are able to move as fast as possible into a new way of being and take the actions needed to create a new personal reality.
  • Depending on the challenges you bring your entire life experience which is stored inside of you; The expert on you and the willingness to change. Through biofeedback/applied kinesiology we get to the unconscious processes & programmes that are underlying the issue at hand. After the pattern has been identified, the associated programme / belief is repatterned and then we shift the resonance by using one of over the 100 modalities.
  • All sessions are completed via Zoom in the comfort of your own environment, you just have to show up and participate

The topics cover every aspect of life: health, weight, infertility, career / job, family. Wealth, relationships, business situations, finances, school challenges, poor performance, dating and relationships, unrealized or untapped potential, marriage or divorce, addiction, sports performance.

Whatever your challenge this helps you find the pattern that unconscious pattern that needs to shift, the opportunity within your problem and a new pattern of coherence that leads to more fulfilment.

Somewhere between 1 and 5 sessions can help shift a core issue. It takes longer for some as other core issues may also be blended within and sometimes others find that one session provides the quantum leap they need to create an amazing shift. It is up to you. Your system knows exactly what you need to be happy& successful in life.

A session is not like a traditional session. It is not a one-time magic cure-all, and yet, a single session can cause breakthroughs that ripples out and brings life-changing results.

The sessions are provided through a series of:

  • Personal Coaching / repatterning
  • Executive Coaching / repatterning
  • Performance Coaching / repatterning
  • Group coaching / repatterning

Our unconscious patterns cause our reality

Your biology, neurocircuitry, neurobiology, hormones and genetic expression will always be equal to what you believe, how you think, behave, act and feel, your personality creates the reality that you experience in your life. Your personality is made up of what you believe, how you think, feel, behave and act . This personality becomes the day to day personal reality and this personal reality is what we call our day to day life.

How to change

What’s the challenge you have to change? Trying to and create a new reality by keeping the same personality is impossible! If you keep thinking the same way, the thinking leads to the same behaviours, the same actions and the same feelings and emotions there is no change.

To change it you have to face the underlying unconscious beliefs and think and challenge what you have been thinking about, delving into and noticing the unconscious habits and behaviours that are making up the life experience that you are currently having and then make a decision, to stay in the parking lot of the experience that you are currently having or change it and create a new reality and new life experience and ultimately new.

Neuroscience tells us, nerve cells that fire together wire together. As you keep choosing the same ways – your brain fires in the same combinations, in the same way, every day. So we reproduce the same every day and this gets our brain into a fixed way of being, and this becomes the box of our brain. So thinking outside the box is getting your brain to fire and work differently.

Are you ready to take a journey of change and realize the healthy life and potential you have always wanted?