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Introducing Suzanne’s Quest to Repattern your life

Join Suzanne as she guides you through of discovery of where your patterns come from, how they still are alive and well and interrupting your current life and how to change them once and for all.

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16 Hours



July 2023 


Breaking the hold of the childhood Brain on your adult self – Trauma To transcendence at a special 25% off of the program cost of $399 just for watching this masterclass! Plus a free bonus program learning how to muscle check

Repattern your life and create your best and most extraordinary life.

Here’s a special message for every person who recognizes they are Repeating the same patterns  who need help, but cant figure out how to get started.   if you want to
succeed with Repatterning your life, then pay very close attention

Many people Repeating the same patterns suffer from the idea that That there is something wrong with them and what they want in life is impossible. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

if  You want something better and you’ve tried so many programmes and so many times and nothing seems to work… THIS programme is exactly what you’re looking for.

And best of all… you’ll start seeing results quickly.

This 4-week Live Quest starting May 5th 2022. Through live sessions combined with  powerful guided exercises and real-world applications. You’ll get to master skills that help you understand how and when you got stuck, which strategies you keep repeating in your adult life, where these came from, how to change them and how to transform your life.

“Breaking the hold of the childhood brain on your adult self” will give you the confidence to:

* Take a Vertical leap of exponential progress…
* Navigate your life and relationships with ease…
* Make it faster and easier to unleash capability to live a better and easier life…
* More love, more health, more happiness, more freedom, …
* Turn adversity to insight, …

And much much more

There has never been a better time to find an easier way to live.

Let Suzanne take you on an inner and outer journey of transformation.

Suzanne is a modern day explorer of human potential, she is a visionary, transformation Coach, consciousness engineer, professional speaker, integrative medicine practitioner and human performance change maker.

Following great trauma, Suzanne has dedicated her life to helping people adventure & discover their true nature, uncover how current challenges stem from decisions taken when we were too young to remember, release & clear the patterns that continuously compel us to create and/or repeat these same patterns that cause pain and suffering and leverage both of these in a practical way to achieve the best easiest happiest most fulfilling and most extraordinary conscious versions of themselves.

She has been recognized as one of the top 11 women entrepreneurs in the world by Leading women entrepreneurs of the world, Top Women and Top leaders through SA Top Companies and Featured mulitiples times in the book Leading Managers. She has also been recognized for outstanding achievement through Nedbank Business

Key take aways for the main programme and the transformation you will experience

Inner peace

  • You may have thought or been told you are the problem – at a deep level understand that there is nothing wrong with you!

Deep understanding creates transformation

  • Learning about the brain, the nervous system and childhood development and what this means for your adult life

Being able to identify the strategies alive and well in your life

  • Be able to identify the various strategies that the child deployed which are alive and well in adult hood and sabotaging the extraordinary life you desire

Why we do what they do, why we behave as they behave

  • Obtain a deep understanding as to how your experiences have shaped your current actions / reactions / responses and how to change it

Mastering new skills

  • Learn and Master the skills to identify and change lifelong patterns.

New perspective to navigate life

  • Be able to review your life from a whole new perspective

Finally letting go of the past

  • Let go of the past and have an abundance of tools to navigate and manage life differently

How our thoughts and nervous system create our reality

  • Understand how your current and existing thoughts create your reality and learn how to change it

  • How to reprogramme and rewire your mind and your nervous system

Why we are here and whats the purpose

  • Understand why you are here and replan what you want from your life

Neutrality – how to gauge it and how to live it.

Learning about neutrality, what this means an

The Curriculum  

This Is How We Structured the programme So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible  

The program is a 4-week live journey towards mastering

Through a carefully designed curriculum of learning, discussion, guided exercises and real life applications, Suzanne helps you to dive deep into the unconscious patterns creating roadblocks in your current life and with practical exercises line how to master your day to day life and how to deal with the most challenging situations.

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program cost of  $399 just for watching this masterclass.

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Bonus course:

“Learning how to muscle check”

Join Suzanne in the comfort of your own home at your own pace, learning how to muscle test your own system

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Breaking the hold of the childhood Brain on your adult self – Trauma To transcendence at a special 25% off of the program cost of $399 just for watching this masterclass! Plus a free bonus program learning how to muscle check!

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