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Breaking the hold of the child brain on adult adversity. A quest to find an upgraded version of you.

For a moment, just one moment, imagine you had the ability to alter your relationship with everything happening in your life? Imagine having the ability to deeply understand it improve how you respond to it and how to navigate it successfully.

Brain development is much more than a story about biology. From our earliest years, relationships with others play a key role in shaping how our brain grows and develops. From early experiences of neglect, lack of love or just not having our needs met, we generate beliefs and we have two kinds of beliefs, those that are helpful and those that are harmful.  These early experiences trip us up in early childhood and impact our brain development in such a significant way.  The child adapts as we know, and learns a new way of being that they create as the new familiar– fast forward to adult, having forgotten about the decisions made, the adult finds potential is reduced and far too limiting and self-defeating.

Consciousness is a meaning field. The mind field can turn into a minefield depending on what kind of mind the child develops. The infant brain adapts to the worldview imposed on it and unless this operating system is interrogated, look at, reviewed and updated – life can end up at best being a series of challenges and disappoints at worst, gangs, deep depression, illness, addiction of all kinds and constant seeking to find love in all the wrong places.

Breaking the hold of the child brain on adult adversity is a life changing programme transcending into a new way of being once understanding what has taken you to this place.

95% of world yes 95% experience some kind of trauma – quite shocking and then most don’t even recognize they have had it.

We all have it within ourselves to have a different life – this courses starts out from the premise that we are all perfect and we lost that innate inner perfection along the way however this happened.

What do you need? A willingness to show up and do the work.

Who is this not for? Those who are not willing to put in the effort to make the change.  It took a lot of effort to get to this place its going to take effort to come out the other side.

This power packed programme is run over a period of one month twice a week for 3.5 hours. Its packed full of exercises, practices and understanding so that you can start changing straight away.

Key take aways for the main programme
  • Review your life from a different perspective, identify what is tripping you up and learn how to fix it
  • Let go of the past and have an abundance of tools to navigate how to manage your life differently
  • Deep understanding as to how your experiences have shaped your current actions and how to change it
  • Understand how your current and existing thoughts create your reality and learn how to change it
  • How to reprogramme your mind and your nervous system
  • Understand why you are here and replan what you want from your life
Key take aways for this one hour masterclass
  • Understand how the brain is impacted as a result of early brain development
  • Interruption during early childhood development
  • Get a taster of how to identify early childhood belief that is tripping you up and start to shift it

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